Adorable Ambush

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Пре 8 година

Alyvia's driver escorts her to an undisclosed location, when she is suddenly confronted by a van full of armed men.

All shots of Alyvia standing were shot on either back roads or in her neighborhood at 10-30 mph... also for her tight shots... notice how you can't see the window... just a shaky camera? This cool new thing called movie magic ;)

For those of you on mobile devices- clickable after credit video links:
Diary of an ex Disney Employee:
AWESOME First Date Fight Scene:

Music provided by Harry Gettings:
Harry's channel:

-Alyvia -
-Scooter Magruder ~ Diamond thief front passenger //
-Tpindell ~ Diamond thief backseat passenger //
-Alyvia's Driver ~ sWooZie //
-Van Driver // Bandit

-Polar White 2013 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe // Bi-Xenon headlights // Vossen wheels VVSCV3 - Matte Black Machined 20x9F 20x10R // all suspension and body work done by Speed Zone in Kissimmee, FL: speedzone.ra...
-Black 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan // completely stock with a kind of broken door now ;)

Canon 7D // 55mm lens + wide angle lens
GoPro Hero 3

Final Cut Express

Special Thanks:
Ameer R. // Charlene T. // Omari S. // Kelli D. // Kalem D's jeep.

Edited/Written/Directed/Sound // sWooZie
Thanks for watching!

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AvaZweetie Пре 2 године
Imagine the cops seeing that without knowing its staged 😂😂
Nani Martin-Belote
Nani Martin-Belote Пре 3 године
"I'ma smack the black off you"
Charlotte Whiting
Charlotte Whiting Пре 7 година
watched this over and over and still laughing. i didn't chose the thug life the thug life chose me!!!!!!! LEGAND
AboveTheClouds Пре 3 године
when the girl said
Zerra Пре 2 године
I am proud to say I have driven on the exact same road this was filmed.
Luis Lol
Luis Lol Пре 2 године
Everybody Gangsta til ya girl pull up with that sippy cup
nuke Пре 5 година
4 year old with no seatbelt
Crazy Legend Stevenson
Crazy Legend Stevenson Пре 5 година
"i-i didn't choose the thug life the thug life chose me" omg so freaking adorable
Eirini Mpizaki
Eirini Mpizaki Пре 6 година
" I didn't choose Thug Life, Thug Life chose me. "
Unicorn Galaxy Park
Unicorn Galaxy Park Пре 2 године
“Stop being a wimp! Let’s take these guys out yo!” Haha 🤣
ToBeThwarted Пре 7 година
I love this!
Clay Knight
Clay Knight Пре годину
I can’t believe how funny and adorable this is. Never thought little girl + Adande dynamic would be such a riot
Niki Пре 5 година
I thought swoozie's laugh was more adorable than the girl.
Average Gamer
Average Gamer Пре 5 година
Olivia: I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me
Marshmerlo Пре 7 година
How did you manage to get this filmed? Did the police just close down the highway for you to film this?
Rathlyvida kim
Rathlyvida kim Пре 2 године
I didn’t choose the ThUg LiFe Da ThUg LifE cHoSe MeH
Wonderfully Made
Wonderfully Made Пре 5 година
Oh my gosh!!! 😂😂 this was the cutest thing ever! I was having such a crappy day and I just watched this and it put such a huge grin on my face and brightened my day! Seriously!! ☺️☺️ Thank u! 😊
Jack Cormier
Jack Cormier Пре 2 године
Top ten most dangerous scenes caught in camera
Pratyush soni vevo
Pratyush soni vevo Пре 3 године
This girl is very intelligent
Falon Watson
Falon Watson Пре 8 година
Cutest thing ever. How could anyone not enjoy this?
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