Cheating in College

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Пре 9 година

During my 1st semester of college, the kids who sat next to me in Humanities class thought they were so ninja.

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Exletion Пре 7 година
True story, during a three hour test, my professor leaves the class room and to my utter astoundment, everyone in the room of about sixteen students, start exchanging papers, talking through the test among each other, throwing paper airplanes with answer sheets on them etc. I say to myself, I have never cheated on a test, not going to start even though I was totally unprepared for the exam.Just kept my head down and muddled through. So I get through it knowing I knew absolutely nothing on the test. Next class period, to the utter terror of the entire class, the professor comes in with a TV and plays a video of the previous class period. Needless to say, the professor was not pleased and awarded zeros to the entire class except, you guessed it, me. I failed the exam but since the professor curved the test to the highest grade, and I was the only person left with points my 52 became a 100!
Baby Pluto
Baby Pluto Пре годину
When you’re a Grand Father you are gonna tell the best stories
C Jones
C Jones Пре 6 година
"And sometimes worser" Adande, how do you get c's when you're such a GENIUS?! Damn teachers
Talee V
Talee V Пре 4 године
Someone legit pulled a MacBook out their bag and googled all the answers in our final exam once. Didn't even get caught
Ghqebvful Пре 3 године
College was where I realized just how stupid I actually am. In highschool I had an inkling that I was secretely stupid, but damn thing was so easy grades sure didn't show it. College took away all doubts. I am super stupid. I don't know how I keep progressing, and each step I take threatens to swipe my legs from under me. But somehow I'm still up here trying to get some kinda edjamakation constantly thinking, "Bro, you'd be better off trying to fit into a McDonalds to flip burgers. Who you think you foolin hanging wit deze academiacs."
Sapphire BlueStone
Sapphire BlueStone Пре 2 године
One of my professors that I've had allowed my class to take tests with partners, even with groups of 3 or 4 people. We seriously thought he was joking, but when it came test day for the first exam, we were astounded to learn that it was totally true. Never before in my life had I been so happy and ecstatic because it made taking the tests so much easier. I'm not saying I completely relied on my test partner, but what I couldn't remember, she helped with it. And he even let us remove 10 questions from the exam as well! Best class ever.
Droolsial Пре 4 године
How to cheat in college:
Cosmina Пре 6 година
I took a humanities class a couple semesters ago, and every test my professor would pass out the test and then start reading. He would never look up the whole time. When the 3rd test came around he did the same thing as usual, but about 5minutes in he stands up and starts walking toward the back. Everyone in the class looks up because we know he doesn't ever do this. He just takes this guys test and tells him to leave. I liked this professor and knew he genuinely cared for his students. You can just see the anger and disappointment in his eyes. I was actually very scared for a good minute. The guy that cheated walked out in shame and I haven't seen him around campus since. I have no idea how he caught this guy. He never stops reading the whole test time. I guess that's just what he wanted us to think. But guys, please don't cheat. Especially in college. You can ruin your college career.
Maymuuna Hershey
Maymuuna Hershey Пре 2 године
A is for Awful
Roger Wang
Roger Wang Пре 3 године
My parents:
Anthony Fish
Anthony Fish Пре 6 година
One of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard:
Steven T
Steven T Пре 2 године
“I enlist a tiny little asian man to crawl through the vents”
Mr. Professor
Mr. Professor Пре 4 године
Kwonster Пре 4 године
A is for average!
SourStrawberrys Пре 7 година
How in the world does she get away with looking threw a text book with her toe. Not only does she have good microscopic vision , but mad skills.
Saruhiko Fushimi
Saruhiko Fushimi
I've watched this the first time when I was like in middle school and now Im rewatching it as a college student, love this man
kay d
kay d Пре 4 године
My mom actually works at a college as a professor. The students sometimes try to cheat off their phones and she just tells them to put them away. There isn't much she can do because she has about 70 kids in a classroom and the desks are packed together tightly. One time, one of the kids told her about a bunch of kids who were cheating off of one really smart girl and she was letting them. They couldn't really do anything about it. However, all the professors changed their opinions of those students. Lesson is don't cheat in college.
LEGACY CLAN Пре годину
after losing my job in this pandemic and having to move back in with my parents your vids bring a lil happiness back to me especially these old ones mayne thanks.
Siveleon Пре 5 година
F- as usual
Myokuju Пре 5 година
I remember my first time cheating in college. I was close to finishing my degree and I had my veterinary pathology final exam. Now, I studied most of what was taught throughout the semester, but for the life of me, I forgot to study the parasite section of it. I knew that I was screwed because my program director, not the teacher..the program DIRECTOR/ DVM administered the test and this woman had eyes like a hawk and she did warn that 60% of the exam was going to be on parasites [since that is apparently the most common thing I'll see inmy animal patients...]. She could see anything from any part of the room. However; I usually arrived to school at least an hour and a half before class started because I had to catch the bus in the morning... Anyway, the teacher opened the room and told me that she would be in the next room setting up for the pathology lab practical and to call her over if I needed anything (sweet woman..the Director/DVM was also sweet, but she was strict when it came to learning...). So, I opened my laptop, pulled up the powerpoint that I made for the parasites and started writing in really tiny letters on my table....Little did I know, I was actually when the test began and I got to the parasite portion of the exam, I would read off the question, immediately answer it and then look down to make sure I was right...I guess I was cheating, but at the same time I wasn't. I only did it because I couldn't risk losing that A in the class...I was on a presidential scholarship and if I dropped out of an A in any of my classes, I would have lost it... After I finished my test, I sat at my table for a good 20 minutes going through it and making sure the answers were right, but I was also rubbing my hand on my desk where I wrote out the answers for some of the parasites. She caught onto it very quickly and asked if I was ok...I just told her that I have a rash on my hand because I sweat HORRENDOUSLY when Im nervous xD. It was partially true because I was sweating, but it served well in the end because the sweat helped clean up an pencil residue that was left behind while I was rubbing it away...Never got caught, stayed in my 4.0 status, kept my scholarship, and graduated with my Bachelors of Science in June of 2015. That was the first and only time I've ever cheated....never again...Masters programs are no joke, but I think I can handle it
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