Cheating in High School: Vol 2

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Пре 10 година

For the record, I may have cheated in High School once or thrice.

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Griffin Yeater
Griffin Yeater Пре 2 године
“Make it 30%”
Unknown User
Unknown User Пре 5 година
Math reviews be like:
Lucy Haynes
Lucy Haynes Пре 5 година
Lesson: A+ 👍
Average Sensei
Average Sensei Пре 2 године
The moment when the teacher is walking and sees your papers and yells:
ellie Пре 4 године
Tests these days be like: Elena has one million apples. Calculate the mass and volume of Greg's house, how many pears does Mr. Peon have?
Ben Davis
Ben Davis Пре 3 године
That’s why we have Quizlet
Jaden Avila
Jaden Avila Пре 6 година
Questions on math tests these days be like:
RC Hobbyist Extreme
RC Hobbyist Extreme Пре 5 година
I used to eat lunch every day with the Teachers,as a custodian I am here to tell you, yes teachers love to collaborate on test days,they are pretty good at eyeballing who is who too. They would tell me stories about certain students and how they would purposely drop tests knowing in advance who was going down F Avenue and why. It was almost like a game or something too. They would teach one thing,then do the test on something else just to see who was getting it or who wasnt and the only ones that survived were the ones that skipped a head a chapter or two. I always suspected as such when I went to school. Some teaches would give it away at the beginning of the school year,you had to be paying attention thats all. I knew this in Biology,thats why I did so well in that class.
Niloc Rekkab
Niloc Rekkab Пре 3 године
A: why not A+?
Chris E
Chris E Пре годину
“Word to the mothership” 😂😂😂
IGaveUpOnThis Пре 4 године
When a classmate rats you out to the teacher.
vipar Пре 2 године
swoozie: i was a good student i didn’t skip classes or nun
3.1415926535897932384626 Пре 6 година
I know a pretty good way to cheat too. I hide the answers in my brain, stupid teachers never figure that shit out.
arianella Пре 4 године
My teacher has us watch RStoolss videos makes funny jokes plans awesome field trips and we never have homework unless you don't finish work in class. Basically we need more teachers like him..
GladiatorTurkey Пре 5 година
Take-home tests are the best things ever. Just look up the answers.
No Is not a no
No Is not a no Пре 3 године
My parents:
Grandma Harriet
Grandma Harriet Пре 3 године
A: Proud of you son!
TomBaconHair123 Пре 2 године
Guy: None of the answers are in the text books...
Gaona Пре 6 година
I remember this one time i was in high school, my teacher gave us a study guide that was similar to the test. Before the test, I was studying, then it became clear to me, just switch the papers. So, test day came, and I took my study guide and put it in the book under my test, when it was time to turn in the tests, I balled up the test and turned in the study guide like a boss. Aced the test, and became a ninja.
P J Пре 5 година
Swoozi: "I was good in school"
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