Cheating in High School: Vol 3

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Пре 8 година

So remember how I said I might have cheated in High School once or thrice?? Well this is the third installment that I was talking about :)

For those of you watching from mobile devices- after credits video links//
Kiss the Girl Gamer:
Cheating in Middle School:

All art done with deviantart muro:

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Joseph Baker
Joseph Baker Пре 2 године
“I cheated on my taxes”
TrustyTraitor Пре 5 година
These videos and how sWooZie explains them makes me want to do heists on GTA5
7graywolf7 Пре 3 године
Man, the more I watch these videos the more I learn how bad the USA education system really is. Specifically: you fail one history class and you have to redo the entire year? You get caught cheating once and you get expelled? Punishment does not fit that crime at all. I aint even finished watching the whole video yet.
SwiftyShadow Пре 2 године
I promise I’ll never cheat again
Cheeto Dust
Cheeto Dust Пре 5 година
It's not cheating... As I call it, it's using your resources.
Poopie Unicorn
Poopie Unicorn Пре годину
Grading system
HaHaDoeiNee Пре 5 година
Move Mojito
Move Mojito Пре 7 година
We played this in the classroom. Everyone was laughing.
Vic Travels
Vic Travels Пре 7 година
I did my fair share of cheating in HS let me tell ya. NEVER got caught. And honestly my situation with graduation was almost similar. Had to retake the biology EOCT and pass it in order to walk and I could swear on my life i failed it and they wouldn't tell me my score until the last day of school. Almost did a cartwheel out my graduation coach's office upon finding out I passed!
V7 Пре 3 године
sWooZie Marathon?
Clear Casket
Clear Casket Пре 7 година
It is almost impossible to cheat in most of my high school classes. I'm a junior, and there are some teachers that are cracking down. One of my teachers forces all of my classmates and I far away from each other so that we couldn't cheat off each others paper. There are teachers that had out different copies of the test (where the questions are switched around) and then there are the ones where they purposefully leave out the 'answer book' and fail whoever looked in it for answer before a test.
Amp1009 Perez
Amp1009 Perez Пре 2 године
I can relate to this so hard I almost didn’t graduate this year bc I wasn’t passing AP Stat (I took all AP classes this year I just suck at math) so my guidance counselor called my dad to tell me to take this math test that I never took in order to pass the class. I had to learn Pi squared in an hour and took the test and got a 95 and STILL didn’t pass the class but my teacher loved me so she put in a bunch of homework grades and got me to 60.7%, scary times man scary times
imastealyokid Пре 5 година
I love ur cheating in school vids
Pieter Crause
Pieter Crause Пре 7 година
My way of cheating was a cunning method of deception and clever strategy.
Queen Crab
Queen Crab Пре 6 година
I was a lone ranger when it came to cheating in high school.
I haven’t watched Swoozie since like 2012-2013. Used to be my most favorite channel. Really resonated with me as a HS Senior, doing anything to get my grades up - including “collaboration.”
Wilford Warfstache
Wilford Warfstache Пре 5 година
"What if I actually studied for the finals? It's like cheating, but I'm hiding all of the answers in my brain."
vezrai Пре 3 године
The only episode that was my favorite was "Cheating in High School: Vol 2"
Sydane Blackwood
Sydane Blackwood Пре 6 година
Ad- ad- "i think its adonkey" 😂bruh i lost it
TheHRchannel Пре 7 година
I wouldn't want anyone involved in grading my paper other than the instructor. I had this one dude who graded my paper and he intentionally switched all my right answers to the wrong ones and I know it was on purpose. Of course I told on him and in this case I don't care if I was considered a snitch. From that point on the teacher decided to grade our papers like all teachers should!
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