Confessions of Fast Food Employees

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Пре годину

🍔Still love fast food but hoping more businesses put their food lines in a position where customers can watch their food being made. Might give those of us who want to eat more fast food (but don't) peace of mind.

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Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Пре годину
“I wasn’t even on line, I was at register” .. I felt that
Hella Tube
Hella Tube Пре годину
I feel bad for that homeless dude, I hope he's doing alright
L J Пре годину
I’ve had costumers call me all kinds of names, racial slurs, throw money, and food back at me but I seriously have never brought myself to do anything to their food.
JayToonz Пре годину
I feel bad for that homeless dude, I hope he's doing alright
Sean T McGinn
Sean T McGinn
I work in fast food, and honestly I couldn’t do this to someone no matter how rude they are. It’s just so disgusting to think about it. I also just don’t even want to imagine it happening to me so I wouldn’t do it to someone else
Egg with 1k subs
Egg with 1k subs Пре годину
“Do you know how many Burgers I spit in?”
Kat Bastion
Kat Bastion Пре годину
The homeless man part was so sad. Should’ve explained the situation to him then gotten him some good untampered food. I know this isn’t what you meant to do but I absolutely hate when people taunt and mess with homeless people. One thing to not give money but to give them hope just to humiliate them and make them weary of people’s kind gestures in the future is evil.
TikTok World
TikTok World Пре годину
Moral of the story: Only trust Chipotle, In-n-Out, Five Guys, or any other fast food restaurant where you can see your food getting cooked.
Treble Clef
Treble Clef Пре годину
"Don't, be rude, to people who are fixing your food!" That's the truth, man.
Kathryn Kirschbaum
Kathryn Kirschbaum Пре годину
I’ve been working at Five Guys for over a year and I could never imagine doing this to someone’s order. In fact, the better quality of service and food we get then the more likely we can get bonuses added to our checks every two weeks to which I’ve gotten over $65 added to my checks from these bonuses. Those people are just the dicks of customer service even though customers can be rude, it’s the end goal of the check 🤦🏼‍♀️
James Whitler
James Whitler Пре годину
Ronalds = mcdonalds
M Rl
M Rl Пре годину
I feel so bad for that homeless man. At least he didn't give him the food though.
The only fast food place I truly trust is Chick-fil-A period.
Eric Loredo
Eric Loredo Пре годину
You know who really has trust issues? The homeless guy!
Zexel Flame
Zexel Flame Пре годину
I can just imagine how the homeless guy felt after that
The Chick-fil-A I worked at had cameras everywhere. It would be impossible to mess with someone's food with out getting fired.
Mura Yagami 夜神月
Mura Yagami 夜神月
"I love fast food, but I just don't trust it"
Aari Пре годину
“girl PIERRE want you??”
Colonel Jinkuro
Colonel Jinkuro Пре годину
Oh God....... that was a huge punch to my gut. That poor homeless guy thinking he’s getting lucky and you panic and drive off. My heart is in pain! At least you didn’t do it maliciously. I may act tough but human suffering gets to me so hard. It’s so bad that I had to develop a stone heart or it’ll break me psychologically. The kicker? I work in a hospital taking care of people. Seeing them smile and get better is a great feeling. Seeing them....... fail to thrive....... I try my best to forget about them. It’s the only way it works.
JOfJaZ Пре годину
Man, imagine getting mad at custom orders. Like imagine if someone doesn’t want pickles. Bruh, that’s less work. Why would you spit in that?
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