Diary of a Dog Lover

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Пре годину

All my dogs hate me.
Storyboards + animation + backgrounds done by the animation God Zeurel:

Birds of a feather stalk together:
📷ig: swoozie
🎵TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@swoozieftw

Mystery video: rstoolss.info/long/video/kcyqmJu4qKZhaGk

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BlackBrosstudios Пре годину
Swoozie literally found your channel like a week ago ayyye!! You funny af just been binge watching all ya stuff mad respect for the channel!!!
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee Пре годину
Yeah, I can see a lot of issues that would have required some extended time spent training these dogs. The aggression towards other dogs is something I have run into, and usually is the result of a lack of socialization of the dog to other dogs when they're young. The breaking out of your closet sounds like it was caused by separation anxiety. If you don't know what the history of your dog is it can be really hard to fix some of these problems, because they likely were developed in response to something happening from their previous owners when they were puppies.
Dark Rose
Dark Rose Пре годину
That chihuahua was low key running from that owner, it totally knew what it was doing.
Ms12369 Пре годину
As a dog trainer, this stresses me out so much.
Gabrielle Goodwin
Gabrielle Goodwin Пре годину
I don't think we're talking enough about his dog BROKE THROUGH A WALL TO ESCAPE.
Zane Pursley
Zane Pursley Пре годину
I got to say sWooZie your animations have developed so much throughout the years of you being on RStoolss and its a big inspiration to me and other artists that watch your videos.
CWC Pants
CWC Pants
No one:
Theo Baselli
Theo Baselli Пре годину
Moral of the Story:
Subscribe to an Egg
Subscribe to an Egg Пре годину
The dog seller:”he doesn’t bite.”
Srihitha Пре годину
I love how Benji's shown as more psychopathic each time he's drawn 😅😂
Chris Byrer
Chris Byrer Пре годину
I love how suwusi acts like it is completely normal for someone to give him a free dog
Flvcko Veli ⚡️🥶
Flvcko Veli ⚡️🥶 Пре годину
Alien cat:
E.t.A A.
E.t.A A. Пре годину
"As my mom's talking to me, I'm on Zillow putting our house up for sale."
Dennis Hollimon Jr.
Dennis Hollimon Jr. Пре годину
I bet the whole cycle still going for years like “heyyy do you want a dog??”
Total Trash Mammal
Total Trash Mammal Пре годину
Dog Lovers:
Shawna and Luna
Shawna and Luna Пре годину
That chihuahua owner was low key in the same situation as Swoozie. The dog did not want to go to that lady even if it meant getting attacked 😂 dogs be crazy
Benjamin Landgren
Benjamin Landgren Пре годину
I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Swoosh’s, you have a golden gift for story telling. I won’t criticise you on the length of your videos but I could sit here for half an hour, maybe even a full hour, and binge watch yours telling me a funny story. Keep up the great work, if I could meet one RStoolss personality, I’d love to meet you!! Peace! ✌🏻
Kady Harris
Kady Harris Пре годину
dude, they could have had separation anxiety or are traumatized by cages. All a dog wants is to be loved on and appreciated by their owner. My dog conner is a big dog, but he had really bad separation anxiety, and we left him in several crates that he tore through, and he bit a hole through one of our walls, just like your dog. We finally just let him be and stopped locking him up, and once he knew we loved him and weren't getting rid of him, he calmed down.
lolz Пре годину
“You want a dog” is the adult equivalent to a guy in a white van asking a kid if you want some candy.
CozmiToons Пре годину
Swoozies dad: what's the worst that can happen
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