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Пре годину

A portion of this is an ad for Adobe Premiere video apps; Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush.
Premire Pro:
Premiere Rush:

Video edited with Adobe Premiere and animated with Adobe Animate.

Stalk Me:
📷ig: swoozie

Storyboards // animation // backgrounds done by the animation God Zeurel:

Visit the following for more info.:

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Funky Dong
Funky Dong Пре годину
I sent this to my group chat and they all thought I was personally attacking them
Nikkia Пре годину
Getting ignored is the most frustrating thing, and then seeing someone ask the same question and everyone magically wants to reply then...
Owgi Пре годину
“That one person who doesn’t talk”
Billis. World
Billis. World Пре годину
“He's not just texting randomly, every text, is more than 100% of his power”
ILoveKimPossibleAlot Пре годину
The animation here is legend.
Ryan Ng Films
Ryan Ng Films Пре годину
I have never heard of a RStoolssr being sponsored by Adobe before. That's actually amazing.
Aaron Burriss
Aaron Burriss Пре годину
Checking group chats to make sure you’re not talking about me 🤔
Evelynn Vernaz
Evelynn Vernaz Пре годину
The other day something happened to me on a group chat:
buttercat Пре годину
when you don't have enough friends to complain about stuff like these...
TheBroCouch Пре годину
I love it when Zeurel animates Swoozie's videos. He always adds even more life to Swoozie's story telling.
Sparrow Tales
Sparrow Tales Пре годину
I felt this so hard. The group chat I'm active in does this ALL THE TIME with me. I tried to be more active instead of a ghost. I tried to play video games with the people I even tried to be in the voice chat on Discord with them. But nobody was responding to me at all. Or I'd dm one to play a video game with me but they were active on the chat. So I gave up and I just play video games by myself now tf. Literally like come on man please-
Aubriel Пре годину
"Every group chat has a sub chat without the annoying people in it"
Stanley Animations
Stanley Animations Пре годину
You bought a Corvette 2020 and dropped a video in 24hr time span... you making it real hard to compete rn 😂
Stephanie Martinez Lima
Stephanie Martinez Lima Пре годину
I had a family group chat with my mom, aunt and grandma. One year later they made a separate group chat that didn’t have me in it. Found out months later when I helped my mom with her WhatsApp. My grandma, my aunt and my mom guys. Bunch of assholes made a new group because they wanted to share baby pictures and I don’t like babies. That’s how it started. Then they completely abandoned the first family chat. And no body told me. Like... damn can’t trust anybody. That’s fine though had their boomer humor on mute anyway. I’m better off talking to people that actually care about me ✨
Noah Zollers
Noah Zollers Пре годину
“I got banana clips on my nerf gun.” Is something I didn’t think I’d ever want to here until just now lol
Jenny☆ Пре годину
I feel HIGHLY offended as a professional, part time, local, lurker. How DARE swoozie call me out for the socially awkward person I am 🙃
Jean Starnes
Jean Starnes Пре годину
Imagine walking your dog outside of Swoozie’s apartment and all of a sudden you hear a high pitched voice scream “
Scarlet DR
Scarlet DR Пре годину
This animator fits so well with the stories you tell, they always do a wonderful job
Saucyskt Пре годину
As an animator myself i know how long it can take to create content but for this channel its always worth the wait
Jaysmooth Пре годину
"If you wanna get crazy, we can get CRAZY" LOL the Us reference was on point
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