Virgin on Campus

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Пре 10 година

Sex (or lack there of), community college and friends. That about sums it up ^‿^

Music by: Ryan Little: R4C2010
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Lorenzo Kenway
Lorenzo Kenway Пре 4 године
Why do people who aren't virgins shame people who are virgins but always say I wish I was still a virgin I don't get it
Nathan Saier
Nathan Saier Пре 5 година
I think it's awesome that you chose to stay a virgin till marriage
avamaewoo Пре 3 године
Finally, someone in pop culture that's about waiting until marriage XD I don't care if you do wait or not but all these big RStoolssrs and celebrities fricking advertising sex to teens are crazy
Wesleyem3 Пре 5 година
You're a good man, Adande. 👏🏻
Spencer Пре 3 године
"Wait you still a virgin?"
Aurora Nightingale
Aurora Nightingale Пре 4 године
I'm 23, senior in university, I have a boyfriend and still a virgin and I am waiting until marriage and proud of my decision. Making your sexual debut is up to you and only do it when you're comfortable don't listen to anyone else but yourself. You do you boo.
Laura Lam
Laura Lam Пре 6 година
Raise your hand if you're still a virgin!
degenerate Пре 6 година
Lives 30 minutes away
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee Пре 5 година
I am not religious at all but I really respect your views and enjoy the messages in your videos. I think people should wait as long as they can stand to wait regardless of religious persuasion because life is just too messy when we're in high school and college and sex causes so many complications. It is true that it is treated like the most important thing ever in high school and it is sad that it is. Kids should just get to enjoy romance and friendships without the scarier and darker dramas sex can bring. Also, it was very mature of you to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong. Whether she did anything wrong or not really doesn't matter! Even if she was horrible to you, you don't need to degrade and lower yourself by acting the same way. I have a lot of respect for you for the way you handled that. :)
Roy's Facts
Roy's Facts Пре 3 године
18 years and committed to stay Virgin until marriage 🙌 (I am a guy)
Megan LD
Megan LD Пре 8 година
I just want to say that you sound like a cool person. Like some Christians talk the talk but then turn around and act like God can't see them. So I just want to say thank you for following through with your Christianity and being truthful about it. =)
🕯The Last Darling🕯
🕯The Last Darling🕯 Пре годину
I was freaking 13 years old and my classmates where like "You're still a virgin?" which makes sense because it was the hood (moved away to a whole nother state). Me being 16 and still a virgin I AM proud. Seriously I'm not in a rush to lose it, I am Christian girllllll✝💞
Phillip White
Phillip White Пре 6 година
"You ever have a girl at your school that you knew you had 0% chance with?" Yes. Every girl ever.
Chloe Archer
Chloe Archer Пре 7 година
Its not stupid or unnatural to save yourself until marrige, that's what im doing. That's how Christians rock.:3
ChOcOsTaR27 Пре 7 година
Good for you sWooZie, don't fall into the category of guys that believe that you have to sleep with a bunch of partners in order to be "cool" or that guys can't be virgins when they're
Hubert cumberdale
Hubert cumberdale Пре 4 године
I'm still a proud virgin!
Tabby Kat
Tabby Kat Пре 5 година
people see my pictures and they wonder how I'm still a virgin especially at my age (20) but in person I'm the one people can glance at and instantly know that I'm a virgin. I'm not saving myself for marriage, I'm saving myself for the right time and person. I don't want to be just a piece of ass, and my boyfriend is very supportive of me.
Dianecite Пре 3 године
To those 12-15 year olds reading this; honestly, don’t even worry about losing your virginity (speaking from someone almost twice your age).
Soji Пре 6 година
It's kinda cool that i found a youtuber that believes in abstinence til marriage
Maxskellington Пре 7 година
You are such a smart, respectable, modest young man. 100% on your side. Why can't more people be like this?
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