Working at Disney Be Like...

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Пре 5 година

I have a lot of stories about working at Disney World. Hope you enjoy.
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99 Princess Problems:
Confessions of a Disney Employee:
Mystery video:


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Alex Clark
Alex Clark Пре 5 година
I can't be the only one that pushes my Kylo Ren plushie around in a stroller...
BananaTube Пре 5 година
Swoozie was always a good storyteller but now that it's animated, it's so much more interesting
Jennifer Sims
Jennifer Sims Пре 5 година
Your Story telling skills are immaculate
I probably should be asleep
I probably should be asleep Пре 2 године
I quit my job at Disney and they gave me a fanatic card
Abc 123
Abc 123 Пре 4 године
Swoozie.. this is crazy! I'm pretty sure I saw you when you worked at Disney world! I was in 8th grade when I went to Florida with my friend and his parents, and I remember a dude doing a backflip off a rail and throwing the beach ball out into the crowd at the Indiana Jones stage. If you worked at Disney in February 2005? I totally saw you! This just made my night!!! I'm a huge fan man!
Drew Tube
Drew Tube Пре 2 године
Mary Essency
Mary Essency Пре 5 година
I just realized... I think I was AT Disney World when you did this stuff. I remember going to Indiana Jones and a guy interacting with the crowd and doing the backflip and everybody cheering. That was fun. I thought it was great that someone was taking the time and energy to make that boring period of time where you have to wait a bit more entertaining. You have to do a lot of waiting in Disney World, so I appreciated it. It's a bummer you didn't get recognized, but I RECOGNIZE YOU, GOOD SIR. I recognize you.
R A Пре годину
Walt Disney would laugh at what his company turned into
Super-Star Emma-Games-XXX
Super-Star Emma-Games-XXX Пре годину
Because of Coronavirus my mum who works for the NHS has been really emotional but on one of her days
BloodLust360 Пре годину
Swoozie: talks about how he love's Disneyworld
Emma Пре 4 године
That was such a good idea though! I would give you a raise not kill your fun.
Psychonaut Пре годину
You should've asked a friend to do that beach ball thing and see how the management reacts.
Phattarapon Pumpong
Phattarapon Pumpong Пре 5 година
Screw Disney for not rewarding there best staff.
Sydney Slaughter
Sydney Slaughter Пре 5 година
I feel ya, man. I worked at BJ's Wholesale and they would always give out these silver or gold stars to people who "performed above expectations" or some duck-feet like that. I was always super nice and super helpful and just about everyone loved me but never did I get any recognition. I only got a star one time because some really nice lady made a ruckus about how I deserved a star. Bless that lady. But about four weeks later, we got new name tags and I lost my only star. Three years I worked there. One star. I knew kids who worked there for three months and had eleven (plus) stars. Authoritative curmudgeons just hate us inventive and creative types.
Tilly Tornado
Tilly Tornado Пре 3 године
“Fluff it. Two tears in a bucket.”
I love that this portrays favoritism and workplace politics in such an entertaining way!
Temi Пре 5 година
These animations are getting better!! The hair cuts and fades are on point lol
fake fake
fake fake Пре годину
I dont understand why you didn't get that card! I can tell that you have one of the most wonderful personalities!!! I love you and your videos so much! Thank you for all the entertaining content!! :)
MarkD1159 Пре 5 година
I quit working for Disney 16 years ago, and people STILL ask me for free tickets!
sophia lee
sophia lee Пре 3 године
Now the manager’s most hated employee is a famous RStoolssr while he’s there, giving fanatic cards to everyone he sees.
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